Sunday, January 20, 2013

HED3023 #Part 1 - Introduction

Assalamualaikum everyone. Hopefully all is well. InsyaAllah.

Im done with my 1st week of class. Not bad. Kinda interesting. But I have to more punctual so that Im not be one of late comers. I must get ready to my class 30 minute before my class start. More discipline I guess.

Every class and every subject have their own coursework. Explain about assignment, quizes and the important thing for every subject. Some people might think that 1st week of class is quiet boring but they never think that it can affect them. Maybe it not happen now, tomorrow but soon. Everything can happen. Miracle! This is because mostly lecturer tell the rules or do's and don't at the 1st class.

A few subject was done with 1st  week chapter. New knowledge, new information and everything new. Amazing! Hopefully nobody will make me confuse from what I am understand. Including myself. Hopefully I can achieve what I want for this semester and this new year.

Before final exam start, I have mock teaching for my Principles and Practices in Language Teaching subject and Teaching English Grammar. Both lecturers give a few tips to score mock teaching with make class become interesting and enjoy to the presenter so that the learners will not boring in class.

Goodluck to myself and everyone. Till then :)


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