Friday, January 18, 2013


Assalamualaikum everyone.

Today is 19th January. Yeah, 2013 already. I'm with new spirit, new semester, new situation, new me, more strong and want to achieve my goal. InsyaAllah, I will try best. By hook or by crook. Allah knows best.

I have been done with my 3rd semesrer registration. My class too. A few new classmate but I know them because they my classmate when Im in 1st semeter.

My 1st week of class, just a few came. The rest? I dont know. Maybe they plan to not attend any class for the 1st week, lazy to go to class and have water problem at their house perhaps.

This semester Im taking 6 subject. It is French 2, Pengajian Malaysia, Principles and Practice in Language Teaching, Teaching English Grammar, Critical Reading and Introduction to Sociolinguistic.A few subject more to theories. Kinda boring maybe. Have mock teaching too. I will try my best to get higher mark. InsyaAllah.

And yeah, one of my subject must have own blog. It is because one of assigment for subject Principles and Practise in Language Teaching. So i will update my blog for this subject with tittle HED3023 from part 1 till 15. I need to update once a week. Hihi.

Enjoy your weekend. Till then.


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