Sunday, January 27, 2013

HED3023 #Part 2 - Teaching Principles

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Happy 2nd week of class. Hihi.This week is my 2nd class for this subject at 8am. I though Im one of early comers but totally wrong. A few of my classmate arrived and my lecturer too. Miss Zana start lesson for this week with chapter Teaching Principles.Teaching principles is divided by 3. It is Cognitive Principles, Socioeffective Principles and Linguistic Principles. But Miss Zana just explain two principles, Cognitive and Socioeffective Principles.

Cognitive Principles is divided by 6. First, Automaticity Principle. This principle is about those more know meaning for some phrases because it is familiar. For example, from Korea word, 'oppa' which is brother. Second, Meaningful Learning Principle. Teacher teach them with meaning and opposite of rote learning. Third, Anticipatic Principle. This principle is about something that can be seen. Plus, student also inspired and dream by accent of purpose and goal. Then, Intuinsic Motivation Principle. Intuinsic is more about inside from learner and self-rewarding. Strategic Investment Principle also is one of Cognitive Principle. It is about learner investment such as time, money, effort and attention. Lastly, Autonomy Principle. Learner always take control of their own learning.

Next, Socioeffective Principles. This principles is divide by 3. Language Ego Principle is divided by two. First language ego high and ego-within the learners relate with facilitate and harm of learning. Second, Willingness to Communicate also divided by two. It is Self-confidence Principle, it is more the way teacher talk and present in class to learner. The other one is Risk-taking Principle. It is gamblers in the game og language and try out the language.

Okay, thats all for this week. Till then.


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